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How Marketing Fits into the Bigger Picture of Brand Fame

Marketing in the Bigger Picture of Brand Fame

I started out in retail and owned my first store at the age of 18, before selling it at the

The ‘Business’ of Family

Businesses of Family

I stood in the kitchen with a screaming baby and wondered for the hundredth time where the handbook was to

Business’s for the People, powered by the People – Strong culture driven by community

Businesses for the People

The world we are living in today is strongly being strongly positioned as a b2b and b2c specified space, It

How To Get into the Mindset to Create a Famous Brand

Create a Famous Brand 1

When you began working with your brand, did it ever occur to you that your brand could one day become

How to engage the minds of influential business leaders of tomorrow

Business Leaders of Tomorrow

How do you supercharge your marketing initiative to boost the awareness of an early stage business and grow it’s position

Play to win: Building a famous brand…

Building a famous brand

Perhaps BRAND fame is something that you have always dreamed of, but like many, that elusive dream has remained just

Pull not push


Linzi was asked by TALiNT to host a Purpose and Brand session for a select group of Founders and CEO’s

The business of family

unnamed 2

It’s interesting how the world has shifted. Is it plausible that mums of today are the first generation of women

Defining Brand DNA

unnamed 1

How to build your business around brand and the different types of people developing brands today. How to build your

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Dylan Jones, Editor in Chief, GQ

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