Executive Retreats

Merging business and spirituality has always been a key focus in the way Linzi builds businesses.

These executive ‘invitation only’ retreats offer entrepreneurs the chance to become consciously awakened so they re-remember who they are, why they are on this planet, and how they can lead their business forward around their sense of purpose through channeling their inner guru.

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Training Programmes

Linzi founded the One Earth Business School for businesses of every size, C-suite, management teams, and modern-day entrepreneurs to switch their business models over from 20th-century thinking (sales-led) to 21st-century thinking (purpose-led) by auditing their business and find the right course to suit them on their purpose-led growth journey. 

The programs support business owners in leading with purpose and focusing on impact and growth.

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Private clients

One of Linzi’s passions is working with organisations, business leaders, and celebrities, transforming them into purpose-led brands.

She regularly works on an individual one-to-one basis.

People often visit her on her home island of Bali to work directly with her on uncovering their purpose and legacy of what they want to do in the world.

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